village vision center lewisville tx
village vision center lewisville tx

Nestled in the bustling core of Highland Village, Texas, the Village Vision Center stands as a leading light for ocular wellness. Renowned as a top-tier eye care service provider, our center is celebrated for its exceptional service that caters to all your eye health necessities.

We proudly offer a remarkable range of services at the Village Vision Center – including routine eye examinations, lens and frame solutions, treatment for dry eye conditions, laser vision rectification, and management of ocular diseases – all provided by our devoted and highly skilled optometrist.

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Village Vision Center

Tel: (972) 317-3888

Address: 2300 Highland Village Rd #200, Lewisville, TX 75077

Mon-Fri: 8AM – 5:30PM

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Our Specialized Eye Care Services Near Highland Village

Eye Examinations: Routine eye examinations are the cornerstone of good eye health. Our comprehensive exams not only correct your prescription but also detect any potential vision problems or ocular diseases early.

Lens Services: Everyone’s vision is unique, and so should be their lenses. We offer an array of corrective lenses, ranging from single vision to bifocals, trifocals, progressives, and specialized lenses, tailored to your specific needs.

Frames Services: Complement your lenses with the perfect frames from our vast collection. Our team of experts will guide you to find the best fit and style that accentuates your features and suits your lifestyle.

Dry Eye Treatment: Persistent dryness, itchiness, or discomfort in your eyes? Our targeted dry eye treatments – Optilight – can provide lasting relief, enhancing your eye comfort and overall visual health.

Laser Vision Correction: Break free from the confines of glasses and contact lenses with our laser vision correction services. We offer consultations and co-management for laser vision correction procedures to help you achieve crystal clear vision.

Ocular Disease Management: Our clinic provides comprehensive management for various ocular diseases like glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and cataracts, with a focus on early detection and slow progression.

Additional Services Include:

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Professional Eye Exams Near You

The need for regular eye check-ups is universal, cutting across age, way of life, and general health; they are a crucial aspect of maintaining the best possible vision and eye health throughout a person’s life. At our conveniently located office, we uphold the highest standards in carrying out detailed eye assessments. Our skilled optometrists utilize advanced technology, deep-seated knowledge, and meticulous attention to detail to provide customized eye check-ups, tailored to meet the distinct needs of each patient. We firmly subscribe to the idea that there’s no room for compromises when it comes to protecting your eye health.


Your Local Eye Care Specialist

Understanding the critical importance of thorough eye care, our team at Village Vision Center offers a wide array of specialized services. Our comprehensive eye check-ups aim to maintain your vision at its optimal level. These tests assess not only your sight sharpness but also evaluate the general well-being of your eyes, including preventative screenings for conditions like glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration.

Additionally, Village Vision Center takes pride in its vast array of eyewear, curated to accommodate the diverse preferences and needs of our clientele. From chic designer frames to more utilitarian daily wear glasses, we boast a wide-ranging inventory of eyewear solutions to suit each person’s distinctive requirements and style choices.

Village Vision Center in Highland Village, TX: Your Vision, Our Commitment

Situated close to Highland Village, Village Vision Center is devoted to delivering unparalleled eye care services to our community. Our dedicated optometrist, comprehensive range of services, and unwavering commitment to your vision health establish us as a reliable go-to for all your eye care requirements.

Don’t settle for less when it comes to your vision. Whether you need a routine eye check-up, a new set of glasses, or specialized eye treatment, Village Vision Center stands ready to meet all your eye care demands. Book your appointment today and step towards improved vision and healthier eyes. With Village Vision Center, a brighter future for your sight is on the horizon.