Our office is equipped to handle many eye emergencies including foreign particles embedded in the eyelid, retinal trauma, flashes, floaters, lacerations or burns.

Embedded Foreign Bodies

A common injury is a metallic foreign body embedded in the cornea. Grinding or drilling in iron or other metals will release particles that are hot, and when they hit the eye, they embed themselves in the cornea. If it is iron, as in this example, it can cause a rust ring due to the salty consistency of our tears. At Village Vision, we would remove the metal piece and the remaining rust deposit that has infiltrated the surrounding cornea. The patient would then receive drops to help heal the cornea. With proper medical treatment these injuries will resolve well. Most injuries to the cornea can also be prevented with proper safety eyewear. The cornea (the clear window on the front of the eye) has more nerve pain sensors than any other part of the body. Injury to the cornea can be incredibly painful.

Retinal Trauma

Contusions, otherwise referred to as a “black eye,” can cause breaks or detachments in the back of the eye. The retina is the nerve tissue that senses light which lines the back of the eye. There is a blood vessel layer under the retina. This is very delicate and sensitive tissue. With retinal traumas, retinal tears or retinal detachments are possible the faster we are able to see you the more likely we are to prevent any vision loss. Call immediately when an injury occurs. We are here to help.


If you have symptoms of “Flashes of Light” in your vision, this could mean that there is something happening in the back of the eye. Flashes and floater could be normal aging changes, or can be evidence of a more serious eye condition. Call immediately for an appointment if you have any sudden flashes or floaters. We are here to help.

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