The ICare tonometer is nothing like the old puff of air test. It uses a patented rebound technology that ensures accurate IOP (intraocular pressure) measurements. The light-weight probe makes momentary contact with the cornea. With their rebound technology, measuring your IOP is air-free, and drop-free.


The Autorefractor used at our office is a combination of autorefractor and keratometer. An autorefractor is a machine that measures the refractive error using light and seeing how it reflects in your eye. A refractive error is considered the prescription necessary to see clearly. A keratometer is a device that is capable of measuring the shape of the cornea (the clear part of your eye directly in front of the iris). We are able to measure both with one machine, giving doctor a baseline for your prescription.


The Optomap allows your eye doctor to view a wide angle of the back of the eye, much wider than most retinal cameras. The Optomap is not a replacement for dilation, however many patients do not wish to be dilated and Optomap provides a good alternative and allows us to provide superior patient care.

OCT (Ocular coherence tomography)

An OCT is a non-invasive imaging tool. The OCT uses light to take a cross section image of your retina. We are capable of seeing the layers of the retina allowing us to measure the thickness of those layers. These measurements help us diagnose, retinal issues as well as optical nerve issues, and treat accordingly to your individual results.

Visual Field

The Visual Field is a diagnostic tool used to detect defects in your field of view. This smart machines tests your vision using lights in different angles and locations to test your periphery and central vision. It allows us to measure your field of view and lets us detect signs of Glaucoma, strokes, ocular tumors and brain tumors that may be affecting your eyes. It is so accurate even the DMV might ask you to have one done if you have difficulty passing your vision test there.